Freeze the Runway Fashion Show

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so I’ve decided to start doing it again on a consistent basis. And why not start back up in style! I was recently asked to be a part of the media crew for Freeze the Runway, the 1st annual fashion and art expo, hosted by The Fashion Executives at USF.

The show was great and I really loved a lot of the designs. The event featured designs by several talented up and coming designers. The lineup included: Tenaj Designs, Francesca’s Designs, SW8 Clothing, AHaley Boutique, Fashion by RaRa, Jessica Rios Designs, Empressionz and Natural Essence, and Psychotic Legend.

Below are my favorites from the show:

Francesca’s Designs:

These tutus were so cute!

20131122_174703 20131122_174858

Tenaj Designs:

I couldn’t get the best pictures of these jewelry pieces, but they were so beautiful in person. The one below was my fave, because it wrapped around to the back.


SW8 Clothing:

I love black and white, and I really loved these pants for men.


AHaley Boutique:

My favorite in the entire show were these three designs (especially the first skirt) below. The pictures do not do them justice!


Fashion by RaRa:

This dress was gorgeous. I loved the pattern and the bling!


Jessica Rios Designs:

These were formal dresses. My favorite was the green one. It had so much detail and I loved the back.

20131122_182100 20131122_182452 20131122_182504


Empressionz and Natural Essence:

I absolutely loved these dresses. They were so creative and they were crocheted! This designer has so much talent.

20131122_182643 20131122_183154 20131122_183212

Psychotic Legend:

I’m really loving this patch look for men! Great contrast in this set by PL.


This dress was simple, yet elegant.


S/O to The Fashion Executives at USF and all the amazing designers who featured their designs!

Make sure to like The Fashion Executives’ page at:

And support these designers! I’m definitely an advocate for small business. Here are websites for a few designers:

And here’s my horrible attempt at a selfie before the show lol!


Thanks guys! Stay blessed

xoxo AK.


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